Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well Spring is here and so are the carpenter bees. Not as many as last year. I remember one of the other FLW owners relating how their yard person took care of them. They mixed insect repellent with putty and filled the holes with it. I just spray the stuff into the hole and putty over it with caulk.

We had the 50th Anniversary of the house yesterday. A group was over for a reception from a DoCoMoMo lecture at DAAP of the University of Cincinnati. Learned more about how much David Gosling had put his heart and soul into preserving the Boulter House. The stories never end from the current staff that remember. It was kind of depressing how many horror stories modern home owners experiences were reported as. Personally I love the house and think one day of inspiration and beauty are worth everything Janet and I go through. Of course without the work David put into shoring up, removing too much backfill and replacing the foundation I would never have purchased the home. The main part of the house is in pristine condition. Janet and I get to do the fun part of Franking it up. Restoring the kitchen to the original finishes, laminate counter tops and exposed block set the tone and we hope that when we are done, one won't be able to tell the difference between where the house ends and the carport and addition take over.

Janet and I are in the middle of tearing out the studio David put in the carport. We are keeping the wonderful glass wall and windows. Opening up the window to the carport/breeze way as it had to be referred to to meet code back in 1956.

Inspected the roof and found everything was in good order. The insulation came through the winter in good shape and should last for years and years.

I'm sort of using this blog as a diary for the home. Setting it as my home page should encourage me to add a little each day for history.

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