Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Esric McNeal and her mother from Scotland stopped by last night. Mother McNeal is a tour guide for Charles Rennie Mackintosh's design school in Glasgow, Scotland. She was very familiar with Mackintosh's life and times and it was nice to have someone give me a short biography. Another daughter graduated from the Mackintosh School of Architecture. The homes second owner David Gosling was the Dean of Architecture at the University of Glasgow. He was only persuaded to come to the University of Cincinnati to teach because he could live in a Wright home.

We are still in a quandary about how to handle the strange view you get looking up into a room 1/4 a story higher. I searched all of our books and never found a similar example. I'll continue looking plan by plan in the William Allin Storrer book "The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion." We are thinking about a set of shelves that focus your view to a more narrow range. Can't wait to get the rest of the room cleared. It will have to wait until Thursday, I'm cutting grass this evening.


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