Monday, April 24, 2006

Garlic Mustard Be Gone!

Not so fast. I hand pulled four 30 gallon yard waste bags on Sunday. At least it is a nice way to get to know your yard. I found a Jack-In-The-Pulpit and a hornet's nest. I have about four more bags to go. I found that the tap root grows horizontally north-south and has a 90 degree angle in it of course. If you grab the root below the bend you have a good chance of getting the whole root. Which is the only positive way to get rid of it, I read. The crop was 10 times larger this year than last. I didn't pull it out last year. We'll see next year.

Other projects around the house include tearing out the carport breezeway studio structure, acid staining the floor and designing the cabinets. I'm taking off afternoons this week to get it done and hope to have the designer Chris Magee and cabinet maker Dan Kreimer in next week to start the design. I'll stain the pad next week if I don't get to it. There may be quite a bit of patching since I've found quite a few concrete nails from the framing and carpet edge hooks making craters in the floor. Probably need to acid stain before patching.

The other project is the north-west corner undermining. The cabinets inside are at about a 6 degree angle. The floor in that corner must have dropped an inch and a half. One inch since 1997 when David painted the inside. You can see where the shelves used to be. I need to get a solid time line together as to when everything was done. I swear the pavers on the outside have dropped one fourth an inch in the three years we have been there. I'm going to patch over the gutter there on the roof, I think. Need to find a way to accurately measure the drop and then monitor it.

All in all it is another wonderful Spring with the boiler off and the windows open. The trees have their leaves coming out and all the flower beds look good.

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