Saturday, April 29, 2006

My earlier post did come through, Google does it again.

Planted Black Eyed Susans a neighbor gave me today. Also some Lamb's Ear they gave me in the southeast corner bed that is very dry. It should do well. The grass fertilizer I spread around the yard by hand doesn't look too bad. It did help in the weak spots and you don't see the variation too much. The Black Eyed Susans were planted in a row out front and along the north wall in back.

Worked on the faucets upstairs. Had one leak and replaced the seals on two valves. Now I have two leakers. Maybe the leak was in the hot side valve. Janet got two more sets. Beck's Hardware directed me to Knoll's Plumbing at 12th and Walnut. They know their stuff.

I need to get to work on cleaning the black caulk out of the terrace and replacing it with the Dow Silicone I purchased last fall to seal the terrace joints. It only lasts six months in the tube.

Will go to the flower show tomorrow after it closes and look for ideas and bargains. Wish me luck.

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