Friday, April 14, 2006

Finally got the hair ball out!

Over the last few weeks we feed each other a steady stream of clog reports. It's the bathtub up stairs. Or it is the oil the girls like to use. No use, the anti clog compound doesn't work, just really cleans the pipes. After taking my nap after dinner and missing the refrigerator drawer replacement request, I felt that I needed to redeem myself by having a look at it. Down to the basement where I'm looking for that clog getter "ZipIt" which is a piece of plastic 3/8 inch wide with hook like edges. When you stick it down the drain the hooks catch the hair and you can drag it out. Stan Beck told me was the latest thing a year ago, so I purchased one. Finally found it behind the tool chest, got a hanger and a wrench collection and up stairs. Easy enough to get the drain plug unscrewed. Remove the small of amount of hair near the plug and stick the ZipIt it in there. Can feel that there is something but its bigger. Fashioned the hanger into a small hook and after several minutes pull out a small rodent size hair ball. Proud of my accomplishment, I show it to Janet who doesn't even wince. Off to the trash and cleanup. What a relief and I get to revel in my genius at least for the weekend. Happy Easter and Passover.

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