Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Little Tap Will Do Ya

Success with the faucets. I replaced the other two valve seals with new ones and got four leakers. Took them apart again and cleaned the brass seals off and applied a bit of grease. Better success but the odd problem was that the left hot water valve didn't work at all. Very puzzling. I took the valve off and turned on the water a trickle. The water came out. Put the valve in and it wouldn't come out of the faucet. There must be some calcium blocking it. Reached under the sink and felt around behind there. A small pipe feeds the valve and another small pipe feeds the faucet. Tapped it and a trickle of water. Tapped it some more and more water. Got my small hammer and tapped more and more as more and more and more water came out. Finally got the flow up to match the other unclogged valve. So a little tap was all it needed. All the valves seal now.

Mulched the Shasta Daisies and the white azalea. Started to rain so we called off going to the ending sale at the flower show. I did enough planting for the weekend.

Now back to the carport project. The rug needs to be pulled up. Dan Kreimer and Chris Magee are going to come over next week and survey the project.

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