Monday, April 17, 2006

Rained 1-1/4' last night. Sunday I fertilized the lawn with a weed and feed. Spreader broke so I hand spread it. Strictly against the bag instructions. We'll see.
Also spread last fall's leaves over the the north east bed west of the shed. Those yellow, daisy like flowers bloom in October. The rest of the north bed is Rose of Sharon.
Didn't find any more carpenter bees' holes.
Opened the windows in the addition by removing the Mortite putty I sealed them with the the fall. Very nice sleeping weather.
Worked a bit on tearing out the carport studio. Researched in two books last night for any other house with a 1/4 story window. Found none. Funny, the view up 1/4 story to the carport is very unusual. Your eyes are at knee level. My last inspiration was to have louvers that block the view straight ahead but let the window light in to the south. Once we show the house to two Irish guests this evening I'll proceed with tearing the closet out. That will really start to open the room up.
Until then wishing you: no leaks, no drips and no cracks;)

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